Pole Marquees


A pole marquee is the epitome of a quintessential English wedding or garden party. Handcrafted in England by the UK’s oldest marquee manufacturer, our Heritage pole tents and pagodas fuse time-honoured craftsmanship with modern engineering techniques. 

We offer a turnkey operation for all of your event requirements.


New for 2024, the Double Pitch Pole Marquee ‘Solstice’ is our latest addition to the Heritage collection. An all-weather option, the sailcloth tent’s translucent, luminous cloth sparkles by day and radiates its surroundings at night. The unique design offers enhanced protection and security for guests and their belongings for greater peace of mind, while the smart ‘Weathershield’ wall removes gaps where rain and wind could enter without the need for a valance. Solstice sets the tone for sophisticated splendour and unrivalled weather protection. 


The smallest pole marquee within our portfolio, the Cotswold is the perfect setting for intimate events. Gather together at a garden party, host a summer christening at home, or chillout in a cosy outdoor event space. Constructed from traditional canvas and rectangular or square in shape, the Cotswold can comfortably accommodate 30 to 70 seated guests.


Slightly larger in size, the Windsor shares the same traditional shape and canvas as the Cotswold with a capacity of 70 to 120 guests. Setting the scene for a beautiful wedding ceremony, small sporting event or medium-scale private party, a key benefit of the Windsor is its ability to be installed on unstable ground.


Exuding romance, the Dales is the ideal tent for intimate smaller weddings. Distinguished by its soft, curved profile, lower roofline and prominent King poles. One of the most adaptable pole tents in our portfolio, the Dales is available either round or oval, boasts a unique 9m width and has a capacity of 70 to 150 guests.


Standing tall at 23ft, the Arundel has a formidable and breathtaking appearance. The largest of our pole tents, accommodating 80 to 400 guests, Arundel comfortably houses high production weddings, speech days and college events. Vast swathes of textured, imitation canvas are stretched between solid timber King and wall poles to create a magical event atmosphere. Expansive wall panels offer panoramic views from within.


Our pole marquees are suitable for construction on most soft surfaces. A minimum of 1.5-2 metres of additional space is required around the marquee for pegging. For more detailed construction guidance, please refer to our Knowledge Bank or contact the team.


Manufactured in England from premium fabrics, our pole tents are available in natural off-white canvas and textured PVC. The poles are crafted from sustainably sourced timber, blending aesthetic style with robust strength.


A comprehensive guide on sizing options and loading capabilities can be found within our Knowledge Bank. Alternatively, get in touch to discuss your event project in detail.  

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